Tegoshi ItteQ

If you miss Tegoshi like I do, please take a look at  these caps. I made some caps of him from various Itteq episode. Hope you enjoy it ne!!

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Thanks to nanchant</lj>  and   newshfan</lj> 
I always DL the itteq form them. Thanks so much

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Songs for Tegoshi

I know that it's a week away before Tegoshi's birthday. But, on his birthday, I plan to post his photo collection. Now, I'd like to dedicate these songs to him for his birthday. Let's give him a song!! it can be any songs. Since I have only a basic level of Japanese, I choose English song.
here they are:

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NEWS - Happy Bath Day Precious Rose

Oh!!! NewS will have a new CM with KOSE. The theme is called "HAPPY BATH DAY Precious Rose" it will be on air Aug. 19
Look at them in WHITE costume....They look so bright. And of course they are my angels!!!!
I reall want to see the whole CM

Kose with NEWS

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Tegoshi in Thailand!!!!!

Well, Tegoshi was in Thailand taping Itteq (I think) during 6 Aug. - 10 Aus.... He just got back to Japan early this morning!!!!!
He spent time in Krabi, which has the most beautiful beach in Thailand. And he came to Bangkok on Sunday night.
There were so many fans waiting at the airport. I was in Bangkok then, but I didn't go to see him!!! POOR ME!!!!!
I really want  to see him sooo...badly..... Some fans get a chance to shake hands with him. What a lucky girl!!!!
They said Tegoshi was smiling all the time, and he was very very friendly. He got a little bit of tan skin. I think he got it from Krabi because it is very hot and sunny now in Thailand.
These are pics of him at the Suwannapoom airport....
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Credit: http://forums.popcornfor2.com/index.php?showtopic=25949&st=9030 and www.kenboard.com